> Training Maids

Training of maids have always been issue with prospective employers. “Are they really trained?” “Are they of good character?”…..are questions that have since become clichés in this industry.

Through the years we have weeded out those that were deemed unreliable and have settled for two associate centres in Indonesia with years of proven track record of well trained maids.


In the Philippines, we have our own training centre in Pasay City, Manila.

1 General Household cleaning
2 Ironing
3 Washing
4 Childcare
5 Baby care
6 Use of Electrical Appliances

Our maids are screened and trained in these centres in preparation of their impending deployment to singapore.This is to ensure that they would adequately with the expectation of our clients.

During the course of their training they are being assessed not only on their personal.

Those that do not meet our stringent requirements will be asked to leave our centres immediately.
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